What is a Living Will?

Many clients become confused when discussing Estate Planning. A big source of confusion is a Living Will. A Living Will is NOT a person’s legal will., which has to do with what happens after a person dies (disposing of property, etc.). A Living Will is what the name implies, it has to do with a person while they are still living. A Living Will is a document that gives the medical provider directions on how to handle life-prolonging procedures in the event that a person has a terminal condition, has an end-stage condition, or is in a persistent vegetative state. Basically, it has specific directions instructing the provider on whether to withhold, withdraw, or provide life-prolonging procedures.
It is important to have a Living Will so family members have clear evidence of your wishes. This will deflect most of the controversy in the event of a discrepancy — remember the Terry Schivao case?
Please contact our offices for further information or if you need a Living Will prepared.

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